Motion Switch

Greenos Motion Switch is designed and produced by GATOB Winnovations Co.,Ltd. <click to visit> which is a group of Thai engineers who create and deliver the international quality of products that already have been submitted for patent registration, so we are confident to give our customers 3 years product warranty !!! Greenos motion switch is suitable for using with many kind of LED Light (max. 80 watts) at the place that you don’t want to turn the LED Light on for all the times such as the building front, hallway, bathroom , stairs , storage room, garage etc. Greenos also can be used for the warning by turning the light on when the intruder comes.

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Specification :

Power source: 220~240V/AC , 50 Hz /60Hz

Timer Setting:  min: 10 sec (±2sec)    max: 20 min ± 2min

Load: LED Lighting < 80 Watts

Detection range: 6m max

Detection angle:120°(side view) 360°(top view)

Working temperature:-10~+40°C

Working humidity: < 93% RH

Installation height: 2.2m~4m

Power consumption: 0.5W

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