Product Warranty

IoT Products Warranty Condition

Must install and use the product by following the technical specification of the manufacturer

  • Voltage : 90-250v AC (50/60Hz)
  • Max current/ watts : according to the model (please see on the packaging)
  • WiFi : 2.4Ghz
  • Operating Temp 0-40 C
  • Operating Hum 5%-90%

Must follow the installation manual : please see the detail in <Click>

Must install the product properly by following the electrical engineering standard

Indoor installation only, keep the product far away from rain/water

No drop, No crash

No modification and warranty sticker  have to be in the good condition.

Products by GATOB Winnovations Warranty Condition <Click>

  • Motion Switch (LEDLight, LL-01)
  • Motion Switch (LEDTube, LTT5A-01, LTT5B1-01, LTT5B2-01)

General Terms and Conditions for all products

The warranty period is started since your purchased date, please keep and show the receipt.

Replacement within 14 days after purchased date only if the problem is caused from the manufacturing.

Repair/Replace (depended on the problem inspection) the unit within the warranty period after purchased date.

*** The Warranty period is announced at the selling point ***

The warranty is valid only if the unit is installed and used under the product warranty condition.

*** The warranty will be effective after completion of the product warranty registration ***


Please register your product warranty (each model and quantity)